Sir Mick Jagger 'ahead of his time' with stagewear

Sir Mick Jagger was "way ahead" of his time by wearing a dress on stage.

The Rolling Stones frontman famously donned a white frock by Mr. Fish when the group played London's Hyde Park in 1969 and his sister-in-law Kari-Ann Jagger - who mimicked the singer's look on a magazine cover weeks later - believes his androgynous look has been a huge influence on the likes of Harry Styles.

Kari-Ann, now 74, told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “It was fun wearing that dress, I was trying to do a Mick pose and pout.

“Harry Styles has worn a dress and jewellery, but Mick came first. He did that a long time ago. Mick’s outfits are always fantastic. It was a surprise to see him wearing a dress like that but he was always way ahead.”

Kari-Ann went on to marry Mick's brother Chris in 1981, but she didn't know him at the time she posed in a purple version of the dress, though she was acquainted with the 'Gimme Shelter' singer.

She said: “It’s just so ironic that in the end I’ve been with Mick’s brother for goodness know how many years.

“Chris didn’t know me at the time – in fact I didn’t know that Mick had a brother. But I did know Mick, we had dinner together.

“In those days, the pop stars and all the models used to hang out in the same restaurants. It was a much smaller little group then.”

Mick - who will return to Hyde Park with the Rolling Stones to headline the American Express presents BST Hyde Park on 25 June and 3 July - recently dismissed comparisons between Harry and his younger self, insisting there is simply just a "superficial resemblance" between them.

He said: “I like Harry — we have an easy relationship.

“I mean, I used to wear a lot more eye make-up than him. Come on, I was much more androgynous. And he doesn’t have a voice like mine or move on stage like me; he just has a superficial resemblance to my younger self, which is fine — he can’t help that.”

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