Thursday has been kind to Snowfighters as they continue tree removal so they can plow snow and ice down to black pavement on state roads in District 12. Since daylight this morning, all “A” routes have been cleared and crews have moved to “B” and “C” routes.

FLOYD COUNTY: “A” routes clear; some slush may remain from vehicle tracking, especially at intersections. “B” routes mostly clear and “C” routes partly clear.

JOHNSON COUNTY: “A” routes clear; “B” and “C” roads partly clear.

KNOTT COUNTY: “A” routes clear; “B” and “C” mostly clear with some remaining slush.

LAWRENCE COUNTY: “A” routes in good shape; “B” and “C” roads need more work. Still cannot treat and plow “B” and “C” roads that are blocked by trees tangled with utility lines.

LETCHER COUNTY: All roads – “A,” “B,” and “C” – mostly clear. Now working shoulders and patrolling for spots that need additional work.

MARTIN COUNTY: “A” and “B” roads still partly covered, with “C” routes mostly covered. Downed trees with utility lines still an issue.

PIKE COUNTY: Shelby Garage reports “A” roads clear, “Bs” and “Cs” mostly clear; able to do some shoulder work. Canada and Phelps Garages report “A” routes clear, working to clear “B” and “C” roads, which are still partly covered.

As temperatures warmed throughout the day, light precipitation, mostly rain or freezing rain, continued throughout the District. This rain is expected to transition to mainly snow by this evening. Additional snowfall will generally be less than one inch in most areas. More icing, if any, is expected to remain below a tenth of an inch.

“People still need to adjust their driving to the road conditions,” said Darold Slone, D12 Snow and Ice coordinator. “Be aware of slush and maybe a sheen of ice, especially at intersections and when pulling onto roads from parking lots and driveways. Our crews remain on the job, clearing trees, plowing, and generally making sure roads are as safe as we can make them.”

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