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Pirate “Lonesome Paul” visited the Pike County libraries on July 19 to teach children about pirates and encouraged a love of reading.

Through interactive fun and games, Pirate Lonesome Paul taught children at the Vesta Roberts Johnson Memorial Library what real treasure is.

Pirate Squiffy Paul O, also known as Lonesome Paul, visited the Virgie branch of Pike County Libraries on July 19.

With a little magic and a lot of humor, Lonesome Paul taught the attending children what being a pirate was all about. Not only did he have the children help him solve clues for a treasure hunt, but he also shared historical information with them about pirates and taught them about the tools pirates use, such as sails and the ship wheel.

He also taught the children how superstitious pirates ward off bad luck.

The children delightfully participated in this interactive pirate show by aiding Lonesome Paul in tying a knot and unlocking his treasure chest.

Lonesome Paul wasn’t concerned with the gold in his treasure chest. He taught them that the real treasure is books and the knowledge they bring.

“What do we get from books?” He asked the children.

After one child answered, “knowledge,” Lonesome Paul explained to them that knowledge is something no one can take away from them and the more knowledge they have, the more treasure they will find.