During the regular Pike County Public Library Board of Trustees meeting, a discussion regarding the setting of tax rates was held.

Louella Allen, director of the library district, explained that the way the rates are set comes from assessments figures that are provided by the county property valuation administrator (PVA) to the Kentucky Revenue Cabinet.

“This year the state has set the compensating rates of 14.3 for personal property and 18.43 for personal property,” Allen said. “It is my recommendation that we maintain the same rates as last year that were set lower than the compensating rates used last year and for this year.”

Allen suggested the library tax rates remain at 13.5 for real property and 17.91 for personal property. The rate was unanimously approved by the board of trustees.

“These tax rates are exactly the same as we had last year,” Allen said.

The taxing authority by the board of trustees comes from the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives (KDLA).

The next regular meeting of the library board of trustees is set for 3 p.m. on Nov. 11.