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Scot Robinson

First Presbyterian Church in Pikeville has a new pastor.

Pikeville native Scot Robinson was ordained and installed Dec. 6 to lead the congregation at Cedar Creek.

Robinson attended the University of Pikeville and while a student there, felt his true calling to the ministry.

“I grew up in the church,” Robinson said. “But at UPike, they have a requirement in their undergraduate program that you have to take two religion courses to fulfill your education.”

“So I took the Old and New Testament and I just really loved those classes,” Robinson said. “It was through those classes I connected with the chaplain and I got involved in some campus ministries.

Some of those ministries involved music, a passion of Robinson’s.

“I play guitar and my wife Kelli is a singer so we were able to lead some campus worship through music,” Robinson explained. “That was when I felt that God was leading me to the ministry.”

After graduating from UPike with a degree major in religion, Robinson felt the need to attend seminary but wanted to stay close to the area.

“Vanderbilt Divinity School is where I attend,” Robinson said. “That’s where I began my journey to obtain ordination in the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A.”

Robinson’s journey to his present position was nothing short of God-inspired.

“While attending UPike, I attended and became a member of First Presbyterian Church in Prestonsburg,” Robinson said. “While in seminary, I found out that the First Presbyterian Church in Pikeville hadn’t had a pastor for some time.

“So when I would come in from seminary, I would preach here,” Robinson said.

That’s when Robinson started having conversations with the church leadership.

“It really felt like a God thing on how everything came about,” Robinson said.

With COVID-19 restrictions, First Presbyterian Church in Pikeville is conducting their services online.

“Our virtual worship Sunday services are at 11 a.m.,” Robinson said. “It’s available on our Facebook page and we have a YouTube channel.

“On Wednesday, we usually have Bible study on zoom at 6 p.m.,” Robinson said.

For more information regarding First Presbyterian Church in Pikeville, you can call, (606) 437-4578, or email the church at, pikevillefpc@gmail.com.

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