Some people believe in miracles. Some people believe in coincidences. And others, like me, believe in corruption.

If you had cancer and now you are cured, you may consider that a miracle. If you were unable to conceive and now one day you discover that you are pregnant, you may consider that miraculous.

If you were looking for a needle in a haystack and found the farmer's daughter, you might consider that a coincidence. If you do laundry and find a $20 bill, it’s most likely a coincidence.

When a city refuses to pass a budget until after an election its borderline corruption. When a city that is owed over $80,000 in past due water bills and refuses to take action until after the election, there is no doubt that corruption happens.

Elkhorn City has been operating without an approved budget for several months. During that time, the public had no idea what line item expenses should be accounted for or how much income was to be generated or how it would come to the city.  No one knew how much revenue was expected from the alcohol tax and, more importantly, how that extra revenue would be spent.

Not operating on a budget is a lack of transparency and an egregious lack of leadership. Immediately after the election they were able to pass a budget. Call it what you want.  

The city in their infinite wisdom decided to allow the mayor to use city resources to store, collect and distribute food. The commission passed this measure without any data explaining how much it would cost the taxpayers. But because the mayor formed a ministerial group to oversee the plan, and they did in the name of God, it passed with flying colors.

After the election they finally decided to go after the people who haven’t paid their water bill. This problem existed long before COVID, when they were not able to cut off water. And they did this because those commissioners who approved a measure to finally collect water bills would not have gotten reelected if they went after the water delinquent deadbeats prior to the election. They should cut off water immediately.

There are about 500 dwellings in the city and assuming that 80 percent pay their water bill, the other 20 percent owe the $80,000. Let’s say out of those 20 percent delinquent dwellings, they are the majority of voters who elect to keep their commission and mayor in office. The whole thing wreaks of corruption.

I haven’t been a big fan of Commissioner Blankenship, but she seems to be the only one who is raising a stink about how that city is run, and, miraculously or by coincidence, she was not re-elected. I call it corruption at its finest. She raised hell about the inequities happening in the city and was voted out. I think complacency on the voters’ part and corruption was at work here.

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