Well, we all learned something recently. You can get yourself a seat inside the U.S. Capitol building these days easier than you can at a Chuckie Cheese. The lines are long at both funhouses but the people at the Capitol are better at getting you in and out. Trouble is the minute you walk in, all the zany characters you came to visit get out quick themselves, leaving you with nothing much to do other than run about the place and maybe jump up and down on the couch.

I’ve never had the energy to be a conspiracy theorist, but if the events of last week in DC weren’t preplanned by professional protesters, as it appeared, we are indeed doomed. I’ve been pushed back harder than that trying to squeeze through the side door at a Molly Hatchet concert. So given the antics of Washington Democrats and their media over the last several years, does one really have to be nuts to suggest this to be yet just another staged stunt for the cameras? No says I.

One of the few true Trump supporters who showed up for the Capitol Offensive was a redneck from Arkansas who somehow made his way into Pelosi’s office and got a photo while farting in her chair with his feet on her desk. Which only further proves to me that most heroes don’t wear capes, they wear Redwings. Unfortunately, the next seat he farts in could well be the electric chair for he was promptly arrested and charged with theft. Further proof that should you expect to get by with stealing something, make sure it’s a 72-inch Magnavox and not just a pack of Post-It Notes.

The other deplorable who crashed the party was a woman who served in the Air Force for 14 years. A decorated veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Capitol security shot her graveyard dead for breaking a window. I doubt we’ll hear much more about that though, because when unarmed Trump supporters get themselves murdered it’s normally swept under the rug, just as was the blood from that woman’s neck.

The day will come when actual American patriots have had enough of watching their country being driven straight to hell by lifelong parasites. And don’t mistake last Wednesday’s fraternity antics as having been that day. The Socialist left will come to long for the days of when a few idiots snuck into the Capitol building while wearing Halloween costumes just to pose for pictures with their feet stuck in Nancy Pelosi’s bunion massager.

This Capitol offensive of last week by mainly professional protesters came nowhere close to the offense of the hijacking of an American presidential election. So screw members of Congress with their hurt feelings and pathetic crocodile tears. The integrity of our elections and the will of the people have become a lesser concern to them than the offensiveness of a redneck sitting in one of their silk upholstered chairs.

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