““It’’s been a long December and there’’s reason to believe that maybe this year will be better that the last.” Those lyrics are from A Long December by the Counting Crows, and are very apropos.

Recent December’s have not been good to me and I hope this upcoming year will be better. Last December — 2019 — I had my hip replaced. Since I’’m a big baby, I fought it tooth and nail. I still can’’t play the fiddle.

This December started out OK, considering that the previous nine months weren’’t worth a crap. However the day after Christmas, I started feeling sick. All the virus symptoms . When one of my family members tested positive, I felt like I was infected by association. And it’’s been hell.

I’m fortunate that, so far my symptoms were not too severe. Not severe enough for hospitalization, just severe enough to make me feel like crap.

I’ have had no fever or shortness of breath. I’ve just had major fatigue, coughing, headache and body aches that felt like I was hit by a bus. I’ve lost about 10 pounds, sweat like I was playing ball again and shivered like I was naked and afraid. My concentration is lacking and the ability to focus is hard. And for some reason, I’’m more emotional than normal. Don’’t get me wrong, I’’m still a cantankerous boob, I’’m just more aware of my emotions.

According to the CDC guidelines, I’m OK to get out into public. However, I’’m going to give it a few more days just to be safe.

I have watched more movies in the past 10 days than I ever have. When I watched 27 Dresses, I got choked up when they sang at the bar. Not sure if I missed being in a bar or just like the song. I got choked up when Ben Stiller got his man parts caught in his zipper during There’’s Something About Mary. Most men have done that at least once in their lifetime and seeing that brings back virtual pain.

The hell continues as I’’m watching this mess in D.C. The vice president is being bullied to break the law. Congress and the Senate have to certify the election results and President Trump is encouraging lawlessness.

“The election was a farce. There were improprieties.” I get it, we all get it. And it would be a lot easier to swallow if Trump would focus his attention on leading this country until the end as opposed to making false claims and adding to the anger of already-rabid supporters. There is something to say about winning and losing gracefully, neither of which he has done.

In just over two weeks we will have a new president. If this country makes it that far, it will be a miracle. Nothing is fair and because of Trump’’s inability to lead until the very end, the two seats in Georgia have

flipped. So now the Democrats will control everything, which is dangerous. Any time one party has complete control, it’s dangerous.

What’’s happening in D.C. is embarrassing. Just like the left embarrassed this country all through 2020, the right, and perhaps fake patriots like Antifa, BLM or the Soros-led left, is starting 2021 where the 2020 riots and looting left off.  

While peaceful protests are allowed, so far there is very little peacefulness being displayed. The protesters stormed the Capitol and climbed on the roof, storming Congress and disrupting democracy. Finally, Trump asked the people to go home. Too little, too late. Just like the riots in Portland, Minneapolis, Louisville and other places the past year, the D.C. protests are an embarrassment.

Our county has become weak. We allow this nonsense to occur. Few arrests have been made, little jail time is on the horizon for the lawbreakers and the police are not equipped to handle these riots. Until we allow law enforcement to do what is necessary, which includes deadly force, then this insurrection will continue.

These people can protest all they want, they can chant, they can get hacked off, they can carry flags and threaten to harm and destroy things.

But, it will not change the outcome.

While my COVID symptoms will eventually subside, I believe COVID hell will turn into political hell real soon.

Stay well and thanks for reading the News-Express.

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