I think by the time this hits the paper, we'll likely know who our next...hold it just a minute. Didn't we start here last week?

While the outcome of the 2020 presidential election has been called and the final popular and electoral results clear to anyone with their eyes open, this is America and there's a megalomaniac and lots of believers with eyes wide shut gumming up the works.

And by believers, I'm referring to those who believe nothing but what he tells them to.

So instead of moving on when it's over like we've done for 230 odd years of presidential elections, this year we have to bend over backwards to deal with people who prefer reality tv to reality. The people who said kill your tv were right.

In most presidential elections, a transition has already begun by this time. Information exchanges, high security briefings, setting up offices and hiring staff all happen before an inauguration. It takes weeks.

But there's a four year old in the sandbox refusing to take his nap.

It's too bad. We just managed to hold a hotly contested national election in the middle of a pandemic that has killed half as many Americans in 9 months than died in 4 years of World War II. Voter participation among the eligible was the highest it's been since 1900. That's before women voted nationally, by the way.

In every state, voters had options other than traditional polls on one day. Voting by mail or in person early dominated turnout in nearly every single state.

Although a Democrat won the White House, Republicans held their ground or advanced nationally and in many states including Kentucky.

Suggesting the election is somehow rigged and fraudulent is exactly what a loser does. One of America's finest losers has been sitting in the White House for almost four years. He'll likely wreak as much havoc as he can for the next 60 or so days. That's another thing losers do.

So we'll deal with recounts in states where there are five figure differences in votes although there is no identified fraud and that size differential has never been overturned by recount. That's because a lot of elected Republicans are scared to death of Putin's Puppy even in defeat.

And there'll be more lawsuits to be thrown out just like the lawsuits that have been thrown out across the country so far. But each of those lawsuits maintains denial and there is no river a Trumpet loves more.

Finally, there'll be an appeal to the Supreme Court for high drama. The King of Reality TV is all about the high drama, so there's that for the true believers. But Cadet Bonespurs will likely learn the limits of loyalty when it comes to justices.

And math, he might learn some of that, too. There are 9 justices, he only appointed 3.

Those who are waiting on the Oval Office Fraud to accept the will of the people and make a concession speech are wasting time. Cadet Bonespurs is more likely to run a concession stand than he is to make a concession speech.

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