If you know there is a problem and deflect blame to the root of that problem are you culpable in the result?  Some in the federal government want to ban guns as a result of the recent shootings. They blame guns for the problem. They, however, have once again failed to identify the real problem and, therefore, should they be held accountable?

There are more than 350 million guns in the United States (at least those for which there is a record) and billions of rounds of ammunition. If guns were the problem, there would be no more people left.  Blaming guns for the problem is like blaming the pencil for failing a test, or blaming the cell phone for a wreck.

Banning guns will never work. Chicago is a gun free zone and there are more shootings there than any other place in the U.S. The daily shootings in Chicago may not be mass shootings, but there are still people dying and yet there are no daily calls for a gun ban. And that’s because guns are already banned, so you see how well that’s working.

Meth, heroin and cocaine are banned and you can get that as easily as getting a gallon of milk. When abortions were banned, they were still being performed. Criminals don’t abide by laws, so banning guns will only affect law-abiding people.

Every time there is a shooting, whether it’s a mass shooting or a single incident, there is a threat of guns being taken away or regulated. The Left wants to take the guns and the Right wants more. The true problem is not being addressed.

Most law-abiding gun owners will probably agree that there should be more accountability in the process of obtaining guns. Pharmacies have the KASPER system where the prescribing of opioids is recorded into a database. So a pharmacist can look into the system to see if a reasonable amount of opioids have been filled to a specific individual. At that time the authorities are alerted and the “patient” and over-prescribing doctor get busted.

Reasonable background checks and perhaps a proof of knowledge of use should be required. It takes a year to get a suppressor, waiting a few days wont hurt anyone. You need a license to dive a car. The license proves that a person has been trained on how to use that weapon — the vehicle.

Besides the loopholes where thugs obtain guns illegally, there is mental health. Mental health is becoming a pandemic in this country and it hasn’t been addressed. We know that we need better training, better ability to identify mental health issues and better facilities to help the people who are suffering with mental health issues like depression, anxiety and other ailments. And with the COVID pandemic that has forced isolation, loss of jobs, income, housing and loss of hope, more people will fall through the cracks leaving more people with mental health issue on the streets.

Every time there is a shooting, the authorities are cautious to label it a hate crime, while the call to ban assault weapons spikes. Lets call a spade a spade; all crimes against people are hate crimes. You don’t kill people because you like them; the killer is full of hatred. And all weapons are assault weapons, guns, knives cars even wooden spoons. If an item was used in an assault, it becomes an assault weapon, period.

Last week a man beat a 61-year-old woman in broad daylight and quietly walked away. It was later determined that the guy served 20 years for killing his mother. He hates women and his fists are assault weapons. He has mental health issues that have never been addressed. That is the only way to explain that.

In the last stimulus bill, there were many line items that did not pertain to COVID, but not one line item to address mental illness. The government wants to look the other way instead of addressing the problem and that, in my opinion, makes them culpable.

In the meantime, the law-abiding gun owners will fall farther to the Right while the gun blamers fall farther to the Left and, like all political footballs, nothing will get done and we will continue to see more hate filled shootings.

Thanks for reading the News-Express and, as they say, keep your head on a swivel.

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