The opportunity to submit a conservative-leaning opinion column to this newspaper has been an honor. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. But there’s not much enjoyable about following the political scene today, so I’m no longer going to. I’ve had many compliments as to my writing believe it or not, and Lord knows I’ve taken my share of bashing. In fact I’ve been called everything in the book by people who don’t believe as I do. I’m actually appreciative for both sides, as they taught me a lot.

Jeff Vanderbeck and Russ Cassady, the head honchos’ at this newspaper took a chance on me, and to them I extend enormous gratitude. They tolerated a lot of stuff out of me that they were sometimes uncomfortable about, but somehow we always worked it out. After all, what Jeff and Russ called uncomfortable wasn’t considered personal, it was business. For those of you who’ve not read this column before, some readers would say I came across a little harsh occasionally. But what some readers took personal and considered harsh, I called uncomfortable truth. With a dash of satire.

I have deleted every social media account I have. I will no longer allow my brain to be battered with delusional instruction by those who don’t have a clue. I’ve never been one willing to be steered to think, behave, act and react as directed, and I guess I never will be. And if you think I still watch Fox and any other conservative news channels you’d be wrong – they no longer get to direct my thoughts either.  

Ignoring the talking heads on TV and now free of manipulation by those on the internet and social media makes me feel like I’ve been released from jail. (I suggest you experience it, for you may be imprisoned and just don’t realize it). And when you’re not in jail you can’t send weekly letters about the antics of criminals. Therefore this will be my final column.

In case you’ve missed these columns for the past 3 years, allow me to summarize in closing:

• COVID-19 is real, many who’ve gotten it have died from it. Yet the percentage is so low we should have never closed this country.

• There are things worse than being the descendant of a slave, one of which is being a black person today and being used as a political tool.

• Freedom of speech and the right to bear arms are the most important liberties we have, we should never give them up. In fact we should be willing to die first.

• If you kneel for the National Anthem, stay away from me. I don’t care what color your skin is.

• Political correctness and wokeness is destroying the greatest country on earth.

You can’t speak uncomfortable truths in these days of cancel culture. So I’m going to lay down my pen. As for the woke crowd and their feelings, don’t get me wrong, they didn’t cancel me.

I’m canceling them.

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