The impeachment is over, again. The pandemic is still here and we had an entire year’s worth of winter in a week. I’m pretty much done with politics, illness and the weather. Good thing there is plenty of wine.

Former President Trump’s acquittal could be the worst thing for the GOP. I won’t circle back here. I’ll just give it to you straight: The Republicans want to gain control in the mid term elections and want the White House in four years.

That means they need to have the best candidate who can win the ticket for the party.

If Trump was convicted, the GOP would be forced to find a new candidate because a conviction prevents him form running for office. His acquittal allows him to run again, which means he may be the party favorite, but he may not be able to win. With his brashness and stern comments to Republicans who voted to impeach him and his scathing comments about McConnell, he is single-handedly starting to destroy the party. Some may say this will eventually drain the swamp, but it may put the GOP in so much turmoil that the Democrats will watch the GOP implode.

The impeachment was a farce to begin with. Should Trump have encouraged people to stand down on Jan. 6? Yes. But he didn’t hold a gun to anyone’s head and demand they break the law. Was he crass and a bully? Yes. Was he what is considered a mainstream president? No.

There is no written protocol for the moral actions of president. He was voted into office because people were sick of the mainstream politics and he shook up D.C.  He did make some good decisions, but in the end, his lack of leadership while worrying about recounts and voting machines was a telling story.

Congress has been tied up with this for so long and has spent millions on this farce while the country continues to spiral downwards. Nothing is getting done because of the impeachment and the American people are suffering because of petulant behavior. I say fire them and start form scratch. If you want a president who abides by certain rules, then outline the rules and make the candidates qualify. If not you get who is voted upon.

People are starting to get the second dose of the vaccine and it appears as if this is starting to wind down. It will take a few weeks for people to get immune and that’s not to say that the next strand won’t make people sick. No one really knows at this point. That’s why we will be wearing masks for a while. The only good thing is people can’t see if you have stuff in your teeth or hanging out of your nose.

While the pandemic clears the shelves at the grocery store, the storms made it worse. People are weary of everything and have stopped caring about things. People are walking around in their pajamas, while shopping, more than normal. People are giving up on hygiene and just go from bed to the store, to a Zoom meeting and back to bed.

Kids are taking over the house and a lot more wine is being consumed. And on top of it all the Cats are horrific. I think we need a little sunshine, a UK win without them disrespecting the flag and the ability to congregate after we all have had showers. In the meantime, stay warm, stay away and know a box of wine is cheaper and usually goes a little further than a bottle.

Thanks for reading the News-Express.

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