Two members of Pike County’s legislative delegation spoke to the Pike County Fiscal Court on Feb. 16 about actions being taken and proposed in Frankfort.

State Rep. Angie Hatton and state Sen. Phillip Wheeler updated the court on issues being addressed in Frankfort affecting Pike County.

Hatton has been named to the impeachment committee.

“I’m spending a great deal of my time dealing with impeachment petitions against the governor, the attorney general and also another legislator,” Hatton said. “Trying to get that all wrapped up soon.

“After that I look forward to getting back to work on COVID relief, unemployment relief and a one-year budget,” Hatton said. “This was a year that we did only a one year budget instead of a biennial budget due to COVID concerns regarding revenue projections during the shutdown time period.”

Hatton said that work continues on ATV trails.

Wheeler explained that the work on ATV trails is going on in a bipartisan fashion.

“One of the priority bills that I’ve been pushing this session is in direct conjunction with this court and the Pike County Trail Commission is legislation to open up some state roadways to ATV and off highway vehicle use,” Wheeler said. “We want to do that in a safe manner but I think that state Rep. Hatton and I can both agree this is something we can work on.

“We have one of the most beautiful regions in the country,” Wheeler said. “ATV tourism allows us to take that to the next level to allow people to get out there in nature.”

Wheeler also discussed Senate Bill 88 which goes hand-in-hand with tourism efforts and deals with illegal dumping.

“Obviously, if we want people to come to eastern Kentucky to enjoy its natural wonders and natural beauty we’ve got to keep it clean,” Wheeler said. “We’ve got to get the trash pickup up.

“Senate Bill 88 would allow fiscal courts to take a proactive stance on illegal dumping,” Wheeler explained. “I look forward to seeing this bill passing the senate this session then it will go over to the house.

“The people who are doing this illegal dumping are not only placing an environmental burden on our area, they’re placing a fiscal burden on the taxpayers of Pike County by forcing the court to clean up these dumps without getting reimbursed or at least a delayed reimbursement,” Wheeler continued. “which takes away resources from people who are doing things the right way.”

Judge-Executive Ray Jones invited all the county Frankfort legislative delegation to return back in the future to update the court on these issues when the legislative session ends.

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