The Pike County Schools Board of Education approved several decisions related to improving its facilities during a special-called meeting on Oct. 13.

The board approved the 2020 District Facility Plan, after holding a local board public hearing the same day. The District Facility Plan lists the pending capital construction and/or renovation projects that the school district may undertake, and the priority order that the projects will be initiated, if applicable, according to the district.

The plan was created by the district’s local planning committee, which is comprised of administrators, teachers, citizens, parents, business leaders and board members.

“We’ve been working on it for quite a long time,” said Barry Birchfield, Pike County Schools’ director of pupil personnel. “It does require a lot of input from a lot of people. We basically looked at the needs of this district — high school, middle school, elementary and our vocationals — and we put together a plan that hopefully for the next few years, we’ll know when it’s time to build when we have money … that we’ll know where our next improvements are going to be made throughout the county.”

The district’s plan will now be sent to the Kentucky Department of Education, where, Birchfield said, they will present it before the Kentucky Board of Education for approval.

The board also gave approval to declare the roof to Pike Central High School as an emergency in order to allow Superintendent Reed Adkins to “proceed with corrective actions as needed for replacement.” Along with the declaration, the board approved hiring Codell Construction and Summit Engineering for the high school re-roofing project.

Adkins mentioned during the meeting that the roof is currently on the district facility plan as a top priority to repair, adding that it is 30 years old and “leaks everywhere.”

Birchfield added to that, saying that declaring the re-roofing project as an emergency will help the district be able to secure pricing, look at scope of work and start the process to fix the roof before needing to secure the funding for it.

“It’s been a real struggle for the past three or four years and even before that, but especially the last three years,” Birchfield said. “The library and the cafeteria with the lunchroom have been in really, really bad shape, and anytime we have heavy rains or even worse, anytime we’ve had any amount of snow that lays on the building, we have to have people in there ready to move stuff around or else we’ll lose equipment.”

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