Folks in two areas of Pike county woke up July 14 only to find their gas had been turned off.

According to a statement released by Kentucky Frontier Gas, the affected customers are in the Hurricane Creek and Robinson Creek areas of the county.

The statement said approximately 100 customers are affected by the shut off.

Ky. Frontier’s statement said they serve these ‘Farm Tap’ customers with gas supply off gas gathering pipelines operated by Kinzer Drilling.

Ky Frontier said Kinzer “apparently decided to abandon the lines and shut them down July 13 without discussing or warning frontier or affected customers.”

Meanwhile, Kinzer Drilling released their own statement saying that “an evaluation was performed of the gas lines which are used to transmit gas on behalf of Ky Frontier Gas for service of its customers on Hurricane Creek and Robinson Creek. It was discovered that these lines have developed serious leaks in populated areas.”

The Kinzer statement went on to say Kinzer was “forced to immediately discontinue gas flow through those lines due to imminent threat to public safety.”

While Ky Frontier indicated in their statement that they are attempting to work with Kinzer to correct the situation, Kinzer in their statement is encouraging people who have utilized natural gas along these routes to “convert to other sources of energy.”

According to national statistics, the cost to switch from gas to electric service could cost between $3,000 to $7,000 depending on the size of the home.

Residents in the affected areas are still trying to see if anything else can be done as many have indicated they don’t have the financial means to convert their homes and replace gas appliances with electric ones.

Pike Judge-Executive Ray Jones said the county is aware of the situation but at this point there was really very little the county could do.

“We will continue to look into the situation to see if there is anything we can do but as of right now, there is not,” Jones said.

The Kentucky Public Service Commission acknowledged receiving complaints from residents regarding the gas cutoff but offered no further comment.