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Pikeville Community Kitchen began the process of honoring local first responders on Dec. 31, delivering gifts, a meal and plaques to employees of Pikeville Medical Center on Dec. 31.

The Pikeville Community Kitchen is paying tribute to first responders and healthcare workers this week.

The local non-profit organization will continue donating special gifts, meals and other items to first responders on certain days this week. Pikeville Community Kitchen first donated gift baskets, a meal and several plaques to Pikeville Medical Center personnel on Dec. 31, and it donated gifts, plaques and a meal to the Pikeville Police Department on Jan. 4. The organization plans to continue these efforts by honoring Kentucky State Police and the Pike County Health Department later this week, among others.

Kathy Hamilton, Pikeville Community Kitchen director, said that they decided to donate the gifts and prizes to first responders, as well as provide a meal for them, in order to show their gratitude for how they help the community, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. She said several local businesses joined in the effort by donating gift cards and other items in order for them to be donated to the first responders.

“It really was a community effort,” Hamilton said. “Everyone wanted to show their appreciation. It was a really hard year due to COVID. They lay their lives on the line every day, and they really face it out in the community so we just want to show them how much we appreciate them.”

The tributes, she said, are meant to show the first responders how they are praying for them.

“They’re in our thoughts and our prayers,” Hamilton said. “We thank God for our first responders every day.”

Hamilton added that the Pikeville Community Kitchen is currently planning its First Responders Day event, and the public is encouraged to donate to the event. For more information on how to donate or support the event, contact the Pikeville Community Kitchen at, (606)899-2920.

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