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Drs. R.V. and Jyothi Mettu are joined by members of the Pikeville Medical Center administration as the Mettus donated $1.5 million to the construction and establishment of the new PMC children’s hospital, which will now bear the couple’s names.

During a Nov. 19 press conference,  Pikeville Medical Center announced the name of a new children’s hospital currently under construction.

The Dr. R.V, and Jyothi Mettu Children’s Hospital was unveiled, as was the announcement that the Mettus had decided to contribute $1.5 million to the project.

According to Executive Director of the PMC Foundation for Quality Healthcare Andrew H. Scott, the names Dr. R.V. Mettu and Dr. Jyothi Mettu are connected to the service they’ve provided the community over the years.

“The Mettu name has long been synonymous with hard work, dedication and quality healthcare,” Scott said. “Drs. R.V. and Jyothi Mettu have given decades of service to Eastern Kentucky, and Dr. Jyothi’s commitment to the children of our region is unmatched.”

The Mettus’ donation of $1.5 million came after what they both said was a deep longing to make a contribution that would affect current and future generations of children across Eastern Kentucky.

 “From the moment Dr. Jyothi first discussed the children’s hospital project with me, we knew we wanted to be involved,” Dr. R.V. Mettu said. “We knew we were going to give financial support to a project, but we hadn’t decided which one.”

“We are so blessed to have Drs. R.V. and Jyothi Mettu in our PMC family, and this gift will truly help children for many years to come,” PMC Vice President of the Board of Directors and CEO Donovan Blackburn said. “Through donations like this to the PMC Foundation, we are able to broaden the financial resources available to PMC, allowing us to continue to plan and grow.

Current projections are for the Dr. R.V. and Jyothi Mettu Children’s Hospital to be completed in 2022.

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