The Kinzer Companies, on behalf of Ky Frontier Gas, announced on July 16 that it has discontinued natural gas flow to two specific Pike communities after discovering serious leaks and deterioration in several gas pipes, which they deemed “an imminent threat to public safety.”

The Kinzer Companies issued a statement, announcing that an evaluation was performed on the natural gas lines that are used to transmit gas on behalf of Ky Frontier Gas. They discovered through these evaluations that the natural gas pipes that provide service for customers in Robinson Creek and Hurricane Creek had serious leaks and deterioration, deeming them “unserviceable.”

The company announced that after discovering these leaks and deterioration, they have decided to discontinue the flow of natural gas to those specific populated areas until further notice.

“While we sincerely regretted the inconvenience to the customers of Ky Frontier Gas, as a result of this imminent threat to public safety, Kinzer was forced to immediately discontinue gas flow through these lines as a result of this imminent threat to public safety,” the company said in its statement. “It has since been determined that these lines have generally deteriorated to the point that they cannot be made serviceable.”

In the statement, the Kinzer Companies said that they believe Ky Frontier Gas “may be exploring other means to supply gas to its customers,” but customers in those areas are currently being asked to use other sources of energy.

“Based on the information that is now available, Kinzer encourages people who have utilized natural gas along these routes to convert to other sources of energy,” according to the company’s statement.