The middle school volleyball teams wanted to spread some love over Valentine’s Day Weekend, so Pikeville and Valley Middle hosted a C-Team middle school volleyball tournament to raise money for Pikeville Medical Center’s Heart and Vascular Unit.

The event took place this weekend and besides Pikeville and Valley, Millard, Mullins, Elhorn City and Johns Creek all played in the event.

The six county schools each donated money from T-shirts sales and sponsorships from Nova Pharmacy and Bruce Walters Auto Group.

“Obviously being Valentines Day weekend, it influenced our teams and girls to do something to raise awareness of matters of the heart,” Pikeville volleyball coach Jason Clark said. “Heart disease hits home everywhere, especially in our community.”

The volleyball teams of the county just wanted to do something positive in these tough times to give back to their community.

“Heart disease affects everybody,” Clark said. “We thought that with some sports getting portrayed in a negative light right now, that we’d use sports to do something positive. We just wanted to do something that helps people see our athletes in a positive light during the times of COVID-19.”

Giving back is an important lesson.

But sports teaches kids so many life lessons.

This is a lesson that Clark hopes he can keep teaching and continue in the future.

“Obviously sports are a huge part of everyone’s lives,” Clark said. “Sports teach so much about character, discipline and teamwork. If rivals can come together and do something for the whole community, then I think that is a great thing to bring everyone closer together in these trying times. You never know, maybe an Elkhorn City player or team can help out someone in Pikeville who is affected by heart disease by helping raise money or a Johns Creek team can help raise money for someone who needs help in the Millard community. We all need to work together and help each other. We live in a small tight-knit community and all of the girls had so much fun playing a sport they love and helping people within their community. It really was an excellent event that we hope maybe we can continue to do into the future.”

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