So there are a lot of questions and concerns about sports in Pike County this week with the county moving into the red metric last Thursday.

The metric goes from Thursday-to-Thursday and is a recommendation from the health department and the state suggesting that schools to shutdown operations, while in the Red Metric.

Pike County came out of the red metric on Saturday and remained out of the red on Monday as well, so it looks like sports will continue after Thursday.

What does that mean for the 15th Region Boys’ and Girls’ Soccer Tournaments in the meantime?

The teams have the option of opting out, but according to the KHSAA if all teams agree, they can still play the postseason tournament.

So soccer and volleyball will continue as long as all teams agree to play.

The tournaments can still take place at the designated site or can be located.

As of right now, the 57th District Volleyball Tournament is slated to take place at Paintsville, the 58th at Betsy Layne, the 59th at Pikeville and the 60th at Belfry.

In soccer, the Boys’ 15th Region Tournament is still scheduled to take place at Belfry, while the Girls’ 15th Region Tournament is set to take place at Johnson Central.

As far as football is concerned, this week teams from Pike County (the county was in the red metric last Thursday, but has already moved out of it)  can practice, but won’t play unless the county moves out of the red metric.

If teams in Pike County stay out of the red metric by Thursday, they will have an option of playing. If they stay in the red metric by this Thursday, the Pike County Board has announced that they will follow recommendations and not play Friday night.

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